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Amy Ball writes about her custom chair mats ordering experience:
thanks for your good customer service & quality product. we're very happy with our 1st custom chair mat, glad the 2nd has already shipped, & we'll be ordering a 3rd one next week. by the way, not only am i pleased with your company's service & products, i am also impressed with the website. i found it to be informative, accurate, and *very* user-friendly. we had never ordered custom chair mats before, & i have absolutely no experience in this sort of thing, but your website made it easy. thanks very much, amy ball'
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custom chair mats

We build Custom Chair Mats
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Chair mats can save your back and your carpet. Our chairmats offer durability, protection, appearance, good value... with a Mat Store custom chair mat you get it all!! The quality of a these chair mats didn't "just happen", it's the result of over a decade of development. Specially formulated compounds provide firm, scuff resistant chair mat surfaces that allow effortless mobility of your office chair - reducing back strain. In addition, these chair mats are exceptionally clear, enhancing the natural beauty of your carpet or wood floor. We produce top quality chair mats.It's our only business. That's why they build them to last.

Founded by a chemical engineer in 1978 with the goal of creating a more durable, attractive material than was available at the time, the manufacturing process was built from the ground up and this goal was attained, resulting in a mat with superior clarity and durability. Our materials are clearer due to careful attention to production runs in order to prevent material degradation which can cause haziness and yellowing in the mat. Only the finest materials are used in the manufacturing process. Tight control over raw materials and the production process ensure that our customers receive only the finest chair mat possible.
  Our custom chair mats are not only built to last, and they look good too! While our competition accepts missing studs or black specs in theirs, you receive a perfect mat every time. PlanetEarthDirectory
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